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Svetvinčenat, Savičenta, San Vincenti, three names for the same place, deriving from the name of its patron, Hispanic martyr Saint Vincent and the abbey holding the same name around which the town has developed.

The medieval town Svetvinčenat, located in the south of the central part of Istria, is one of Istrian jewels in which the tourist offer has taken on a new life over last several years, especially through various manifestations which are held in extraordinarily attractive historical locations of this little town.

During the summer, the Istra Etnojazz Festival takes place in the Medieval castle Morosini-Grimani and the nearby beautiful main town square and surrounding locations become the stage for the traditional Festival of Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre.

July brings cheese flavours and fragrances with the Cheese festival. In August, the gorgeous town brings out the medieval spirit during the Medieval Festival held in the medieval castle Morosini-Grimani. In late Autumn, in the town it's held the Festivity of the young wine, an enological event that brings together the best viticulture producers from all over Istria, each of them bringing their latest products.

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