The area of the Svetvinčenat Municipality includes the agricultural land located in the central part of the south-west plateau of the Poreč-Pula plate.

Due to natural conditions, the area is almost homogenous. It borders with the municipalities of Vodnjan, Bale, Kanfanar, Barban and Žminj. The entire area softly rises from the south towards the inland with slightly undulating gently sloping terrain with areas covered in typical Mediterranean vegetation take turns with agricultural cadastral land plots approximately 3.600 m2 large, bordered by drystone walls or plants.

ll the agricultural crops growing here, vines and olives crops are the most popular next to the vegetables and field crops, where for the cattle breeding the most common is sheep-breeding.

The area of the Svetvinčenat Municipality has submediterranean climate. Based on the Koppen climate classification, the area has the following type of climate: the main raining period takes place in autumn, and it rains the least in summer. The warmest month has an average temperature above 22ºC, and during the remaining eight months the average temperature is more than 10ºC. For the Svetvinčenat Municipality the referential climate indicators are those of the meteorological station in Pula.

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