Authentic Istrian specialties

Svetvinčenat, apart from numerous manifestations, rich cultural and artistic heritage, offers to its visitors recreational hiking and bike trails, diverse flora and fauna, hunting area, good wine and authentic Istrian specialties.
    Istrian cuisine is today, just like Istria in general, a mixture of different historical and cultural influences. Based on the Mediterranean cuisine, primarily Italian, Istrian dishes are modest and tasty at the same time, imaginative and moderate, marked by maritime and continental influence.
    Basic features of Istrian cuisine are: the priority is given to cooked, moderately spiced dishes with simple vegetable and pasta side dishes, plenty of self-grown herbs and salads dressed with wine vinegar and olive oil. Istrian menus offer Istrian prosciutto and sheep cheese as cold appetisers, and various home-made pastas (fuži, gnocchi, pasutice...) or soups and Istrian soups- „mineštra“ as warm appetisers. Main courses include meat, poultry and deer or game served with various delicious vegetable side dishes and fresh and cooked salads.
Istrian wine, which was famous beyond the borders of Istria even back in Greek and Roman times, is a trademark of Istrian table. As for white wines, the most known are Malmsey, Pinot and Muscat, and as for the red ones, Gamay, Merlot and Teran are the most popular.



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